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All information and data including visualisations given on this page are only informative in nature.

Visualisations, graphical representations and content descriptions are not a precise model for implementation of the construction of the project or apartments and only represent a rough representation which may be subject to change in future. The sole binding basis for implementation of construction is the contractual documentation.

In this document, the term "apartment" also means a studio or a non-residential space - an accommodation unit, unless otherwise stated.
Graphical and textual representation of the situation of the unit within the project, object (house) and floor.
floor plan
Detailed display of the floor plan of the unit, orientation, scale and views from the given unit incl. possible arrangement of furniture. The kitchen, electrical appliances and furniture are not part of the offer and price of the apartment. The arrangement of the furniture is only illustrative.
floor area
Sometimes also the total floor area, accordance with legislation in force (Government Regulation No. 366/2013 Coll.), means the total area of all the rooms of the unit as well as the area under load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls, cladding and cores (simplified in the price lists as suspended structures). This is the area that is defined by the perimeter walls of the unit.
Living space and floor space do not include:
  • terraces
  • grassy terraces
  • loggia
  • balconies
indicates the unit's living room routing.
A simplified representation of where the view will be from the given unit.
dimensions table
Clear view of all rooms of the unit incl. summary calculations. The table is divided into a header (unit number, layout), a list of rooms, total dimensions of the living area, an overview of accessories and additional information.
living area
This is a simple sum of the areas of the individual rooms of the apartment (rooms, kitchen, kitchenette, bathroom, toilet, pantry, hall, pantry, etc.).
parking space, garage and cellar
they are not part of the apartment and must be purchased together with the apartment. The price list of this accessory is available on request in our sales center.