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Rental housing
full of experience

Be There at the Birth of a New Neighborhood

This new residential area with a unique atmosphere offers an extraordinary experience for residents to enjoy at different stages of their lives. Live a Prague riverside lifestyle even if you want more flexible rental options since part of LIHOVAR has been set aside for rental housing.
The high-quality, furnished, and fully equipped apartments for rent perfectly encapsulate LIHOVAR’S distinctive vibe and industrial character. Residents’ comfort is ensured by cutting-edge technology and services. Simply move in, unpack your bags, and start adding your special touch to LIHOVAR.

of different

LIHOVAR is the flagship of modern housing in Prague, designed in the spirit of our motto "Developer of Different". Each of our ventures represents a new way to experience living in the city. We don’t “just” build residential projects. We create thoughtful spaces that connect architecture with art, technology and sustainability. We are Trigema and our projects shape the character of neighbourhoods.
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We’ll be happy to help you select an apartment in Lihovar tailored to your very needs.

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